We Are All Adopted

Hi Friends!

Thank you so much for visiting this site and for being a part of our adoption story.

This site is designed to do three things:

• Tell you a bit about our story and why we are adopting.
 Help encourage and educate others who might want to adopt.
 Let you know how you can be a part of our adoption story!

We are so grateful for amazing friends and family like yourself!

If you are an expectant parent interested in contacting us about adoption, we have a fantastic adoption agency who is ready to support you in any way necessary! You can learn about them here or reach them by phone at (877) 74-Angel or (877) 742-6435.

Love & grace,

Ben and Cyndi


Hey all this is Ben!

Cyndi and I are excited to share our adoption fundraising/blog website with you. We are really excited to be parents someday, and are so stoked for everyone to be a part of our story.

I’m not usually one to ask for help. I have a really hard time being vulnerable in that way. I would normally never ask for someone else to go out of their way to share something with their friends through social media etc., and I don’t think I’ve ever asked someone for financial support before, but that is exactly the kind of thing we need now in order to start our future family.

If you can, please share this website with your friends and family. Click like. Check out the web page. Read our story and tell other people about it. And, if you can, donate to our cause.

If you are reading this, that means that you have been very dear to Cyndi and I. You have already been a part of our story, and we can’t thank you enough for blessing our hearts in a million ways you probably aren’t aware of. We love you and are grateful for your friendship.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for checking out the site. Hopefully our story inspires or encourages you. Our hope is that, through the grace of God, everyone can see that We Are All Adopted.