We Are All Adopted


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Lately I had a thought about fatherhood.

I know a lot of people who are dads, but it seems harder and harder to find good dads. Dads who are around, who care about their families in real, tangible ways. Dads who give sacrificially and put their families before anything else.

Cyndi and I were both very fortunate to have good fathers in our lives. Both of our parents are still married, they have great marriages, and both of our families are still very close. None of us kids are in jail or involved in shady business dealings. All of our siblings are in good shape and most have beautiful families of their own. I think a great deal of that success can be attributed to parents who did a really wonderful job of being moms and dads.

Just about any joe-schmo can father a child, but only a true man can be a great father to that child.

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