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New Years Resolutions

Posted on by Ben Meszaros


Hi everyone! Ben here. Wanted to update you on a BUNCH of super exciting news.

First, Cyndi and I are in complete awe. We have been blessed so much over the holidays by generous hearts who have donated to support our adoption story. We’ve had anonymous donations, we’ve had money slipped to us in cards, we’ve had a family give up their Christmas in order to give to our cause financially: we feel so unworthy of the love you all have shown us!

This means that, since our last update, we have had an additional $1,040 DONATED! That means that between the money Cyndi and I have saved and the money we have had donated to us by people who love us we have been able to raise $5,040 or 1/6th of the total cost of the adoption. This is SO unbelievable. Thank you to everyone who has shared our story or donated to make our future family a reality.

Second piece of news- we have received a questionnaire from our social worker Joni that we will fill out before the home study takes place. Cyndi and I hope to have the questionnaires (there is one for Cyndi and one for me) filled out and submitted by Friday night. There are a few other items for the homestudy that we are working on and will take a minute to gather (pet immunizations, family referrals, medical referrals etc).

Additionally, we have the adoption application for our agency, Guardian Angel House, and are working on gathering the necessary paperwork to submit (here’s a link to the required paperwork etc. for anyone who might need it- http://www.aguardianangel.net/adoptive-parents/adoptive-parents-application/). Angie at Guardian Angel has been super helpful getting us all the info we need.

This time of year is all about resolutions for the new year. Cyndi and I are so excited that starting our little family is on the top of the 2014 list.

Love you all,


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