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Cyndi was born in Anchorage, AK in 1981. She was born with a congenital heart defect (more on that here). After two extensive, open-heart surgeries, Cyndi went on to be a very active teenager who loved camping, the outdoors, gardening, the arts, and Super Mario. After high school, Cyndi ran a small landscaping and gardening company in Anchorage. Cyndi then got a job with Alaska Airlines and, using her airline benefits, toured the country and decided that she wanted to attend university in Eugene, Oregon. After her time at college in Eugene, she returned to Anchorage where she worked for a local coffee company called Kaladi Brothers in account services and as an Executive Assistant. After her time working for Kaladi in Alaska, Cyndi adventurously moved to Salt Lake City with her cousin Mandy where she used her extensive experience in coffee to obtain a position with Starbucks Coffee Company where she has worked as Ben finished school. Her current passions are gardening, interior design, thrift store treasure hunting, reading classic American literature, the West-Wing, dogs, entertaining guests, and culinary arts.


Ben was born in High River, AB in 1984. His family moved to Utah when he was still very young to help take care of his Grandparents who lived in Ogden, UT. He grew up alongside his parents, grandparents, two sisters, and one brother in the same home where his mother was raised. Ben was active in cross-country, track, color guard, theatre, and his band. After high school Ben got a job as a State Park Ranger at Dead Horse Point State Park where he was able to enjoy his love for camping and the outdoors. Later he would return to Ogden to explore his other love, music, as a Manager at Graywhale CD Exchange. Ben was eventually hired by Starbucks as a Store Manager where he worked for seven years, also doing dog training on the side, until he eventually went back to school and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah. He now works at an advertising agency in SLC called Underbelly and plays music at the Rock Church. His current passions are reading, philosophy, music, Magic: the Gathering, Doctor Who, serving at the Rock, dog training, long-distance running, and minimalist camping.


Cyndi and Ben have been happily married for seven years. They met at the Rock Church in downtown SLC and quickly became friends, though they wouldn’t start dating for quite some time. After attending a campaign to raise money and awareness for children in Africa, Cyndi and Ben fell in love and decided to begin dating just a few months later. They dated for 9 months before they were married in the church where they first met. Since then, Cyndi has put Ben through school working full-time as a shift supervisor at Starbucks, and Ben now works at Underbelly Creative in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have two super amazing dogs, Indi and Nukka, who have brought them an endless amount of happiness.




Ben and Cyndi love living in Utah. They enjoy taking part in the culture of Salt Lake City, as well as retreating into the Wasatch Mountains for the occasional wilderness getaway. They are involved regularly with their local church where they both hope to serve for years to come. Cyndi’s desires are to continue her education, to someday be able to be a stay-at-home mom, and to further pursue her love for gardening and literature. Ben has a promising future in strategic communications and hopes to be able to continue his passion for writing and music until he gets too old to do it. Cyndi and Ben are happily married, and are looking forward to a lifetime of joyful years together. Most of all, they are unbelievably thrilled to be adoptive parents someday.

Ben and Cyndi Dec 2013


Cyndi Rock Climbing


Ben Finishing a Challenging Route

Getting Dressed Up for Ben’s Birthday Party


Ben’s Family at Daniel’s Wedding


Ben and Cyndi in Alaska the Year they were Married


Up Big Cottonwood Canyon for Wedding Pics


In Colorado for a Mission Trip


Ben’s wild and crazy family


Road trip to California.

IMG_20120508_110900 12 - 1 (1) IMG_20120508_105017

Cyndi and Amanda


Lunch at Ruth’s Diner after a day at the Natural History Museum.

12 - 1

Ben at work.


Cyndi with the dogs, Indi and Nukka.


At a Seattle Sounders Soccer Game.


Ben finishing up a dog training session.


Cyndi snuggling the pups.


At a baseball game.


Causing mischief in the Big Sur, Julia Pfiefer State Park, CA.

ben cyndi big sur

Dressed to impress for birthdays!

Ben's Thirtieth-12

Our church small group family. Celebrating a wedding!

smallgroup2 smallgroup BenCynScribwedding

At this year’s Sinatra-themed adoption fundraiser on Pioneer Day.

sinatra 3 sinatra2 sinatra1

Summer Camping/Climbing Trip

campfire benbelaying cyndiclimbing4 cyndiclimbing3 cyndiclimbing

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